Article friendly/clean urls

Hi, I’ve been using OJS for quite long now and I was wondering if it is possible to generate friendly urls for the articles in each journal. right now the structure is as it follows:


I’m managing a site with half a dozen journals in three different languages, and it’s important to the client to have clean urls for SEO reasons.
If it’s not possible, does it has a technical or editorial explanation?

My OJS version is
I already setup the rewrite conditions in .htaccess to hide index/index.php from the address

The RESTful URLs setting in in combination with the rewrite rules in .htaccess (or similar) will remove the “index.php” component of the filename and generate what we refer to as “clean urls”.

It sounds like you are looking for something beyond that?

If you are wanting to mask the SITE component and give each journal its own domain name, that is possible with the base_url[] settings in and with additional webserver configuration.

If you are wanting to mask the /article/view/ component that would be possible in a webserver re-write, but not recommended as this forms a part of the RESTful URL.

Hi Clinton,
Thanks for your response, this is exactly what we want, mask article/view/id
Can you help me with an example perhaps?

We would like to achieve something from this


To this:


Is it possible just using webserver rewrites?

To do this, you would start with the “public url identifier” (Metadata → Identifiers). Set this to be the human readable string you want. This will change the URL’s “id” to your string (without getting rid of the “view” or “download”). If this is acceptable, you are done.

If you want to remove the “view” component, you will need to add a rewrite which maps anything of the pattern /article/(.+) which is not /article/view/ or /article/download/ to /article/view/$1.

Great, thanks, I’m testing it now and it works I only have one more question, the field is not translatable for the other languages available in OJS?

It is not. It is intended to target the article’s abstract page regardless of the language selected.

Ok Clinton thanks a lot.