Archivo .htaccess

donde encuentro el archivo .htaccess???

it is not necessary to have it. However, you can create your own. I sometimes create one if needed.
Whatyou want to accomplish with .htaccess file?

thanks for your answer, I want to remove the index from the url and redirect the journals that are in the same ojs to different dominions

Do you want that each journal does have completely different domain?

yes, or subdomains…

You will want to create an .htaccess file in the root folder of OJS to handle the “restful urls” as configured in

For example:


Routing different domains and subdomains to OJS will need to be handled outside of the .htaccess file. This is done in the Apache config or within your web host’s cPanel (or similar).

I have had similar situation and we managed that with Apache configuration.