Archive of Journal plugin

Is there plugin which can make archive of Journal. Like on site
Archive should be on Main page of Journal.

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Hi @vasmed,

I do not think there is one. There is a feature request concerning grouping archived issues by year:

However, I’d support such a request too.

Thank you. I’m sure I’ll use it in my code.
Can anybody tell me how to make variable $issues be filled in /lib/pkp/templates/frontend/components/footer.tpl?
On page …/issue/archive it is filled, but on index page it isn’t.

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I made what i wanted. Journal archive can be toggled in right sidebar.
I added following code to the file /lib/pkp/templates/frontend/components/footer.tpl
near {$sidebarCode}

{if $rev_issues}
<div class="pkp_block block_archiveVM">
	<span class="title">Archive</span>
	{foreach from=$rev_issues item="issue"}
		 {if  $issue.year != $lastYear and $lastYear !=null}
		{if $issue.year != $lastYear}					
			<input class="toggleJA" id="toggleJA{$|escape}" type="checkbox">
			<label class="toggleJALabel" for="toggleJA{$|escape}">VOLUME {$issue.volume|escape}({$issue.year|escape})</label>
			<ul class="expandJA">
			{assign var=lastYear value=$issue.year}
				<a title="" href="{$linkPrefixJAT|escape}{$|escape}">
					ISSUE {$issue.number|escape}
	{if  $rev_issues}

To the file /pages/index/ :

$issueService = ServicesContainer::instance()->get('issue');
$params = array(
	'orderBy' => 'seq',
	'orderDirection' => 'ASC',
	'count' => $count,
	'offset' => $offset,
	'isPublished' => true,
$context = $request->getContext();
$issues = $issueService->getIssues($context->getId(), $params); 
 $rev_issues = null;
foreach ($issues as $issueVal)
	$rev_issues[] = array('year' => $issueVal->getYear(),
						  'number' => $issueVal->getNumber(),
						  'id' => $issueVal->getId(),
						  'volume' => $issueVal->getVolume());
$yearColumn  = array_column($rev_issues, 'year');
$numberColumn = array_column($rev_issues, 'number');
array_multisort($yearColumn, SORT_DESC, $numberColumn, SORT_DESC, $rev_issues); 
$templateMgr->assign('rev_issues', $rev_issues);
$templateMgr->assign('linkPrefixJAT', $context->getLocalizedAcronym()."/issue/view/");

near $templateMgr->display(‘frontend/pages/indexJournal.tpl’);
Аnalogical changes made in file /pages/issue/ in functions ‘archive’ and ‘view’.
To my css file (/public/journals/1/styleSheet.css) added:

	  display: none;
	.toggleJALabel {
	  display: block;
	  margin-left: 15px;
	  color: #555;
	.toggleJALabel:hover {
	  color: #000;
	.toggleJALabel::before {
	  font-family: Consolas, monaco, monospace;
	  font-weight: bold;
	  font-size: 15px;
	  content: "+";
	  vertical-align: text-top;
	  display: inline-block;
	  width: 20px;
	  height: 21px;
	  margin-right: 3px;
	  background: radial-gradient(ellipse at center, #CCC 50%, transparent 50%);
	  text-align: center;
	.expandJA {
	  display: none;
	  overflow: hidden;
	  transition: height 0.5s;
	  color: #FFF;
	.expandJA li{
	  padding1: 0 10px;
	.toggleJA:checked + .toggleJALabel + .expandJA {
	  display: block;
	.toggleJA:checked + label::before {
	  content: "-";
	  margin-left: -10px;

What is turn out:


Hi @vasmed

This is code is not working in OJS latest version
Can you please help me to tackle this issue.