Archive is not up to date - PKP plugin

We verified through The Keepers that only some editions of Revista Aspas are archived by PKP PN (the editions of 2011 to 2018).
How to fix it and archive all the numbers (until 2021)?
We’ve spoken to AGUIA (USP’s Agency for Academic Information Management) and The Keepers, and they suggested that you can solve this problem.

We use the version OJS (Mais informações sobre o sistema de publicação, a plataforma e o fluxo de publicação do OJS/PKP. | Revista Aspas)

  1. On my system, in the “plugin gallery”, the PKP plugin doesn’t really appear. However, in “installed plugins”, PKP is enabled (I will send you a print screen).

  2. In The Keepers, you can see that the last update on “Archival Status” was on 01/17/2022. However, in the columns on the left, it appears that the information ranges from 2011 to 2018. (There is a print screen too).

I don’t know if we have to install the plugin again or if there is another problem.

1. PKP
2. The Keepers

Hope you can help us.

Best regards,

Mateus Fávero
Revista Aspas

Hi @revistaaspas,

As a first step, I would suggest to try some of the options suggested here: pln/README at main · pkp/pln · GitHub

If this issue persists (please note that it can take a while to see some changes reflected in the Keepers Registry), please let us know and we’ll try to assist further.

PKP Team

Dear Roger, thanks for your answer.

However we couldn’t find the plugins ‘pnl_deposits’; ‘pnl_deposits_objects’, ‘plug-ins.generic.pln.classes.tasks.Depositor’ or “Acron”. Even at the database or at the plugin gallery.

Furthermore, our plugin gallery is empty.

We don’t know either how to check these elements : -CURL support for PHP and ZipArchieve support for PHP?

We think that the plugin is not installed properly. How can we fix this?

Best regards,

Revista Aspas

galeria vazia

Hi @revistaaspas!

I could find some journals from in the PKP PN, but not your one. Have you accepted the terms?

If not, once you enable the plugin, you need to access its settings (the small arrow near to its name):
image and accept the terms. Also, your journal should have an ISSN assigned.


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