Archive doesn't work under

Since the update of OJS to, OJS, if I want to reach the archive, throws an HTTP code 500 that the request could not be processed. There is nothing in the errorlog about this call, so I have no idea where this error occurs.

Now my question is whether this problem is already known and if so how I solve it.

Hi @Letsplaybar,

Do you see any relevant errors in PHP log when encountering with the problem? Are you using the Default theme? Was the update process successful?

I saw something about other mistakes. Nothing about this problem appears in the log. The upgrade was successful. The web user also has all permissions on the files.

As theme we use Bootstrap 3 Base Theme Journal.

Hmm, if there is a 500 error, there should be something like a fatal error in PHP logs. Is it specific for Bootstrap theme or happens with the Default theme as well?

Thanks for the thought-provoking impulse, without a theme it works, seems to be attaching to the theme.

@NateWr, can you take a look, it seems to be associated with the Bootstrap 3 theme.

Ok I have now manually looked for an update and updated the plugin, now everything works again.

Thanks for the help.