Arabic letter appear as a symbol

Hi every one
suddenly the Arabic letter appear as a symbol

Hi @Aziz_Ibrahim,

Can you provide some more information? Which letter is it? Where is it appearing as a symbol? Which locales and what version of OJS are you using?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

thank you for your letter
a symbole appear as shown in attached photo
for domain
on this page

Dr. Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla
Prof. Structural Eng.
Tikrit University

we use version of OSJ

Dr. Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla
Prof. Structural Eng.
Tikrit University

Hi Aziz,

Thanks for sending further information and a link to your site. If I understand correctly, the name of each journal (except maybe the first 2) should display in both English and Arabic, but all except the third journal listed is showing the Arabic name in strange symbols instead. Also I noticed the metadata for the journal articles in the first journal (the only journal with any published issues) is all strange symbols. I would first suggest checking the character set configuration in and that it’s set to UTF-8 throughout (ojs/ at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub).

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

thank you so much

I just know chech chare. set
its already UTF-8

Hi @Aziz_Ibrahim,

It looks like your settings changed at some point in your installation’s lifespan.

The ideal settings in for character sets will be:

client_charset = utf-8
connection_charset = utf8
database_charset = utf8

Note the differences between utf-8 and utf8 – these are intentional.

Unfortunately it looks as though some of your data was entered with one configuration, and other parts of it were entered with a different configuration. This means that data is in your database in two different encodings, and making these consistent could be a real challenge. This is more of a MySQL / database management problem than an OJS problem, so you might find help on a resource like

You might be able to dump your database to a .sql file, pass it through a tool like ftfy, and then re-load your database back into MySQL.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you so much
the problem already solved by my friend
arabic letter now return
he say the reasons of this return to the new server
he returned it to the old server
the problem already solved

We are experiencing the same issue in OJS We moved the site to a new server and now the Arabic data for submissions are not showing correctly. I check the database and it is still on UTF-8. The migration process took place with our server Plesk Panel , so what has happened during server to server migration, I do not know.

Please see the condition

also, the System Info says

locale en_US
client_charset utf-8
connection_charset Off
database_charset Off
charset_normalization Off