Apply different style sheets to multiple sub-journals

Hello everyone and thank you for the time you will dedicate to me. I have a problem with style sheets. I explain:
I created a site “The editorial series” with three different magazines inside.
these three different magazines (notebooks-miscellany-reports) have the bootstrap3 template to which I apply a style sheet with a different color to each one.

however, when I also pass the “container” site (the editorial series) to bootstrap3 and apply a style sheet to it from the administrative page

, all three magazines take the site’s style sheet.

Is there a way to override this?
Am I doing something wrong?
thank you all

Hi @simgiallorosso,

Would you mind noting which version of OJS you’re using (e.g. 3.3.0-13)?

PKP Team

Sorry! The version is

Thanks! I think you mean 3.4.0-5. I will see if one of our team members can assist with this when they are available.


yes, sorry 3.4.0-5

No solution for this?

Hi, I’m not sure how the Bootstrap theme is working, but the culprit seems to be there.
The usual way is to create a theme plugin (derived from the default plugin or the Bootstrap plugin, either as copy or as a child plugin) for each of the journals and the central site. See