Any reason why submission_id is jumping some numbers?

Editors are complaning about some submission_IDs hidden or jumped (aparently without any reason). They are looking for a good explanation about the reason why (if it’s an error, bug or it’s working as designed)

It looks submission_id it’s a automatically generated when anyone is submiting a new article. The number “ID” is automatically increased when a new article is being generated. The “problem” they are facing is some numbers is jumping, and they were afraid that maybe some articles are being missing or being hidden.

For example, see the picture below:
This is the place where the articles are being stored.
We have: 1132, 1133, 1135, 1136, 1138 and 1139… They would like to understand why 1134 and 1137 skipped.

I did some search in the forum and coudn’t find any explanation. Also I saw in the database it looks there is no reference to the submission ids missed.

The application version is 0JS.

Hi @sergiobm,

FYI: Submission IDs aren’t intended to be informational in OJS.

It’s hard to say what exactly is happening here, but possibly this might be occurring because an author(s) have started a submission but not completed it. Another possibility is if you’ve used the QuickSubmit plugin – it reserves an ID when you open it, and if you don’t continue, it should delete it.

PKP Team

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