Answering notification to journal administrator and not site administrator


The thing is, when i want to reply a notification the mail is sent to the OJS administrator and not the journal administrator. The emails i receive are from this “Root User” so i am confused. It used to work fine. The only change we make was the main contact in our journal settings page.

I search the forum for something like this and only found a reference to OJS v2.4.6, It looks it was corrected so i don’t know where to look or what to change.

Any advice will be appreciated.

What OJS version are you using? This was merged in spring and is included in 3.1, but not in earlier versions. Merge pull request #2402 from ajnyga/use-context-specific-reply-to · pkp/pkp-lib@9b1b15a · GitHub also see Always use context specific reply-to address in notifications, if available by ajnyga · Pull Request #2402 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and OJS3: notifications, sender and reply-to address