Anonymous review settings not respected

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
Users in “Author” role on a submission can see all review information (reviewer name, content of review) even with Double-Blind selected in the Workflow settings.

Steps I took leading up to the issue:
This was user reported. We were unaware when it began.

What I tried to resolve the issue:
Testing with “Login As…” and changing the review settings back and forth.

Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2:

Additional information, such as screenshots and error log messages if applicable:
A screen recording with live data can be provided privately to PKP staff at request.

Hi @benaltair,

Are you certain that the users you’re testing with are not enrolled in other roles (e.g. Editor, Journal Manager) - if they have other roles assigned to them, that may affect their ability to see these details.

PKP Team

Hi there, thanks for your reply. They are set to both “author” and “reader” roles.

So far we have tested using the “login as” feature.

Hi @benaltair,

I tested this and could not duplicate it - I could not see the details that you were referring to. Is this happening for all the submissions in your journal - or just particular one(s)?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis, thanks for looking into this. It happens with multiple submissions and over multiple authors, although we haven’t gone through every single submission. Every one we’ve tested has had this issue.

Is it worth migrating our data to a new installation, perhaps with a newer version of OJS?

Hi @benaltair,

The setting you include in the screenshot at the top of the thread is the “default” review mode; this is what is assigned to new submissions by default, but at the point of reviewer assignment it’s possible to change this to another setting. Once it’s been set, you can use the “Edit” tool by the reviewer assignment to change or verify how it’s set:


(The “blind” terminology has been changed to “anonymous”, but otherwise your 3.2.x installation should look similar.)

Can you verify whether the review modes are set on each submission as you expect?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @asmecher - that seems to be the issue exactly. Upon investigation the reviews are set to “open” on the mentioned page.

Very odd, since we’ve had the default set correctly this whole time. Perhaps it was user error by staff thinking it meant something else?

Thank you for your help.

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