Announcement mass email in not working on OJS 3.3.x

After upgrading our OJS from 3.1.x to 3.3.0-5, we noticed that the announcement mass email is not working. We checked the files and also noticed that (lib/pkp/classes/mail/ is missing as well.

Is the new version suppose to be missing announcement mass email function?

Hi @lcentrone,
Thanks for your question. Can you please provide a bit more detail about what error you are seeing or what is not working about this feature? When you create an announcement you should see an option to “Send an email about this to all registered users.” Is the problem that you are not seeing this option, or that you are selecting this option but an email is not being sent?
Thank you,
Publishing Support Specialist, PKP

Hi everyone,
Here we are facing the same issue. In our case we checked the “Send Email” option.
Logs are ok, request sent correctly. No javascripts errors (but no usual confirmation popup when submitting announcement).
As a temporal measure we activated [bulkEmails] option to enable editors so that they can send same contents.
Our version is ojs-3.3.0-6 coming from a 3.1.2-1

Same here. We are with ojs-3.3.0-6 and mass mails are not been sent with announcements and we are checking the flag “Send an email about this to all registered users.”

We are not sure when it stopped working because is the first time we try to send a mass mail using announcements.

Before to open an issue in tracker and in order to discard this issue occurs just in our environments…

Is the announcement mass email working in any OJS 3.3.x?

We would appreciate some confirmation.

Thank you.

I am assuming that those using OJS 3.3 have enabled bulk email for their journals in the site administration settings?


We host journals on 3.3.0 that do send bulk email.


Bulk mails are working for me but I would prefer not to use it because it will send to everybody with the related role and some users has configured his notifications in profile in order to not receive new issues published notifications.

When I publish a new issue with OJS y check this option but none mail is sent.


My cron is working and personal and bulk mails are working.

Thats right, we are using as a temporary measure the bulk mails option.
But announcement mass email are still not working.

i’m having the same issue and tried to find the code responsible for sending announcement mails, but i found nothing.

if i discovered all files correctly, there is not a single line of code calling the mailing function within the entire announcement files.

on the db side i wasn’t able to find a flag or anything that may be cronjob related. so no mailing via cronjob either.

has the mailing functionality been forgotten completely or did i miss something?

We are using and we also do not have file. We have checked send email option too. Any news about the issue?

Same Problem here on OJS

Has anyone logged this bug in GitHub? I did a quick check but couldn’t see it logged there. I’m having the same issue and would like to find out if anyone has logged the bug before doing so myself.

Yes, this is logged.


Hello Everyone

For fixing of the bulk email bug that happened on the OJS 3.3.x version, we have created a free plugin that is easy to install. Visit our page here for download, instruction on installing and activating it.