An Arabic letter unexpectedly ends current entry in keywords field

Good day for all,

I’m using OJS 3 with Arabic locale interface. When acting as an author and reaching the stage of entering keywords for my submission, I found that one of the Arabic letters, which is “و” suddenly ends the word I’m typing in the keywords field, so the system assumes my last entry as a whole word, even though it contains only two letters!
With a little investigation, I found that this letter is situated at the keyboard key “,” in the Arabic keyboard layout. It seems that the system is written using key pressing sense rather than ASCII code sense.

The only work around available now to avoid this undesired behavior, is to copy and paste any Arabic word containing letter “و” , but many Arabic users may not know this, especially when dealing with this software for the first time.

I hope this can be fixed soon.

Hi @vormia,

This is similar to an issue we encounter in Cyrillic character sets – see Cyrillic 'b' treated as 'enter' in keywords. The problem is in the third-party tag-it library we use for keyword entry, and the solution will probably be to replace it. See Resolve TagIt's keyword separator character interference (Arabic/Cyrillic) · Issue #4208 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team