Alternative payment method to PayPal


I am an Iranian Editor. I am using OJS 3.02.

Due to unreasonable US sanctions against our people, We (80 million of Iranian people) can not use many features like CrossRef, PayPal, Cross Mark, OCLC database etc.

Is there an alternative payment plugin except PayPal?

Hi @Petrus
You can use manual payment plugin. That way you have some more work to do but you can accept payments to some other account than Paypal, like bank account.

Hi @Petrus,

OJS currently only includes the manual and PayPal payment methods, but these are written as plugins, so adding more would not represent a lot of work for a developer. The PayPal plugin in particular uses the Omnipay library, which provides support for a lot of different payment tools. If one there is a good option for operations in Iran, then copying and adapting the Paypal plugin would not take much effort.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@Petrus, did you have any news in finding or developing an alternative payment plugin? For Stripe for example?

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Anyone successful in developing Stripe payment gateway plugin for OJS?