Almost all links are hashed: ##navigation.submissions## [solved]

Hi @ojspkpuser,

I would assume you are not using English and the theme is not jet localized to your language. Which language do you use?

Regards, Primož

Hi @ojspkpuser
The translated message keys are located within xml files of related locale folders. I searched some of these message keys.
For ex;
common.queue.long.myAssigned —> siteroot/lib/pkp/locale/en_US(or other languages)/submission.xml
editor.navigation.issues —> siteroot/locale/en_US/locale.xml

If these messages are displayed while using English interface, then you probably deleted these files. So, you should put them back from an install pack.
For other languages, you should check whether the last directories exist for your own locale. If not present, create the missing directory (like tr_TR) and put the same files from en_US directory and translate them manually. If XML files are present, then most likely the message keys are missing in these files. If so, you may add them by using an xml editor.
Ugur Kocak

Hi @primozs, thank you for the answer. I forgot to mention. I am using English. It was also the default locale.

Hi @drugurkocak, thank you for all the suggestions. I checked inside siteroot/lib/locale/en_US, and also in siteroot/locale/en_US and all xml files are identical to the ones in the downloaded archive OJS.

I viewed the xml files, and they correctly contain the correct text to show.

What I erased was only the content of the /cache folder.

So I don’t know how to make the locale show correctly.



Hi @ojspkpuser
Then, There are many possibilities in this case. Wrong file permissions, wrong config file settings, etc.
Could you share the URL of your website?
Did you apply upgrade on the live site or on your pc locally?
Since you can log in, you may change the theme to default and look if it’s fixed.

Hi @drugurkocak, Thank you for the response!
This is a testing website for the upgrade.
The file permissions are ok, also the file ownership (for the apache daemon).
Changing to the default theme doesn t resolve the issue.
The administrator interface is partially unusable due this phenomenon.

I found now another thread on a similar issue on the forum:

It seems this issue can appear from time to time.

One user cleared some of the caches from the administrator interface, but this is not working in my interface since due to the hash signs some actions are not feasible.

Hi @ojspkpuser
On my local pc, I deleted cache folder and recreated them. Then decreased file permissions to 111 (no read or write permission) then got the same result. So with ftp client, change the permissions of cache and its subfolders to a higher level (may be 755) then please try again, hope this solves.

Hi @drugurkocak
Thank you for the effort and for the suggestion!

I did what you said, I changed the file permisions and the ownership:

find /var/www/sitename -type f -name ‘.’ -print0 | xargs -0 chown www-data:www-data
find /var/www/sitename -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chown www-data:www-data

find /var/www/sitename/cache -type f -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find /var/www/sitename/cache -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find /var/www/sitename/public -type f -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find /var/www/sitename/public -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;

But strangely it didn t resolve :frowning:

I am thinking maybe when the upgrade was done, possibly the language locale was not correctly upgraded.
The problem is that I can t change at all any locale due to this issue.

Hi @ojspkpuser
I am sorry that I couldn’t help you.
I also experienced a similar problem during upgrade to ojs 3, because our journal site used english and turkish locale, but the english interface was ok.
Since I am not so professional, may be better to stop here. May be OJS team help you.
By the way, oldGregg theme looks very nice, but I faced some weird errors after installed it, and returned back to default theme. For ex; when I click to an article title, a different submission comes.
You can see what I mean by looking at that page;
and clicking the title; Parental Alienation - Father as a Rejected Parent
another article comes. I couldn’t understand the mechanism behind this, because everything is ok with default theme and Health Sciences theme.

Hi @drugurkocak
No problem!
Thank you so much for all the help, good intentions, and all the effort you put to try to help me!
Also thank you for warning me about the possible problems with the oldGregg theme!
Indeed it is so surprising another article is opening …
Then I will check it for my website too, and if unstable I will go wit the Health Sciences or the default theme.

Thank you so much once again!



Are files being created in the “cache” directory and the “t_compile” subdirectory within the cache directory? The localization strings most directly relate to the cache files named fc-locale-*.php in the cache directory itself.

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Hi @ctgraham,

Yes there are fc-locale-*.php files in the cache directory.

The t_compile subdirectory contains onlfy*.tpl.php files.files

Do you know where I could modify the MySQL database to install another locale and set it as current? Maybe the English one is somehow not correctly selected.

In the site table, what are the values for primary_locale and supported_locales?

In the journal_settings table, what are the values for rows where setting_name is “supportedLocales”?

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Hi @ctgraham

Thank you for the question!

In the site table:

I find strange the second one - is it ok?

in journal_settings, supportedLocales=a:1:{i:0;s:5:“en_US”;}

Is this ok?

The inclusion of ro_RO in the installed_locales indicates that Romanian was previously installed, but then disabled within the locales. OJS3 does not currently have Romanian support. Leaving it disabled should not cause any problems.

I don’t see any issues in the data you’ve selected from the database.

Thank you @ctgraham !

Do you have any idea what might be causing the hashtags problem?

Is there anything in the PHP error log which might provide a clue?

At least not for me:

Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /var/www/website/lib/pkp/classes/core/ on line 133
Warning: Declaration of PKPUsageEventPlugin::getEnabled() should be compatible with LazyLoadPlugin::getEnabled($contextId = NULL) in /var/www/website/lib/pkp/plugins/generic/usageEvent/ on line 0
Warning: Declaration of CustomHeaderPlugin::register($category, $path) should be compatible with LazyLoadPlugin::register($category, $path, $mainContextId = NULL) in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customHeader/ on line 0
Notice: Undefined index: en_US in /var/www/website/lib/pkp/classes/context/ on line 273
Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /var/www/website/lib/pkp/classes/core/ on line 133
Warning: Declaration of CustomBlockPlugin::getBlockContext() should be compatible with BlockPlugin::getBlockContext($contextId = NULL) in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 0
Warning: Declaration of CustomBlockPlugin::getEnabled() should be compatible with BlockPlugin::getEnabled($contextId = NULL) in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 0
Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 65
Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 65
Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 65
Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /var/www/website/plugins/generic/customBlockManager/ on line 65
Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /var/www/website/lib/pkp/classes/core/ on line 133

Try removing all the fc-locale-*.php files from the cache directory, then reloading the page, then checking the error log.

It might also be interesting to see the contents of one of the fc-locale-*.php files. You can paste it between two sets of three backticks to make it readable in this forum:

<xml here/>
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