Allow_envelope_sender and replyto address in OJS


I’m running a couple journals on OJS I have allow_envelope_sender configured to on in my config file and I have valid address in 1.2 and 1.4 of my journal setups. My setup is sending through my servers sendmail function, but it is configured to use google authenticated smtp.

My hope would be that bounces go to the bounce address in section 1.4 of the journal setup, and that general notifications (new issues and the like) would have a reply to address of the principal contact in section 1.2 of the journal setup.

However, it seems that all bounces and general notifications have the sender/replyto address of the user that my server’s sendmail is authenticating to google’s smtp. I see things like ‘$mail->setReplyTo($site->getLocalizedContactEmail(), $site->getLocalizedContactName());’ in the PKNotificationManager class… shouldn’t that be setting something in the email header?

Is there anything I can do about this? It causes great confusion to subscribers who just hit reply to notifications, expecting to get the journal manager.

I appreciate any suggestions.