All export plugins creating 500 error when trying to export, OJS 3.0.2


I am trying to import journal issues from a third party OJS installation. They use 3.0.2.

However, every export plugin creates a 500 error when I try to export something. This includes for example the DOAJ plugin, users XML plugin and native XML plugin. I can open the plugin page without any problems, but when I choose for example an issue for export and hit the button, I get a white page and a 500 error.

I asked the technical staff of the installation to check what error they see in the logs, but they claim that there are no errors.

Is it possible that a missing LIBXML could cause this? Have not asked this yet while it just came to mind, @bozana?

Hi @ajnyga

Hmmm… Yes, maybe :-\ The libxml is used for the validation errors by all of them… I do not know if then the 500 error occurs, but…


I had similar problem. Recalling that, as I remember, it was problem with one of the PHP library. But there definitely was something inside error logs.

Thanks! @Vitaliy let me know if you happen to remember which library it was.
@bozana, is there a list of required PHP libraries for OJS3?

A follow-up on this issue.

It turned out there was an error in the logs after all:

PHP Fatal error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /var/www/html/ojs-3.0.2/plugins/importexport/native/filter/ on line 50

The problem was, as expected above, related to a missing PHP extension. But it was not libxml, instead the missing extension was dom/php-xml, or at least it seems so. I am now waiting for them to add the extension…

I wanted to take a look what packages do I have, but still haven’t done yet… Sorry… Will soon do… :slight_smile:

I think it would be a good idea to mention the extensions in the OJS requirements.

The issue itself has not resolved. There is another error and I am now waiting for them to check the error log again… But the dom part should be resolved.

Any news about error 500 when exporting issues? OJS 3.02.

It was the missing php-xml extension.

After adding that the whole import/export page went white, but I found out that there are at least three versions of the native plugin in the folder with different names. And probably they all contain the same files and cause class name collusions. But while I do not have access to their server or error log I am just guessing and waiting for their responses.

I have the similar problem. Some issues are exporting, some produce error 500

That sounds like a problem related to the content of some issues. You should check your error log right after you have tried to export a problematic issue.