All Editing process with one editor?

I have 2 questions about editing part:
1.Is it possible to enroll one person, special editor, to all editing steps - copyediting, layout and proofreading. And therefore skipping the all emailing between them (as he will email herself). In other words taking the article after decision from copyediting to ready PDF proof without bother other users as section editors or editor?

  1. And one minor question - if there is no need can author be skipped in copyediting step?


Hi @vebaev,

You can choose to enable/disable the copyeditor, layout editor, and proofreader roles in Journal Setup; when disabled, those duties fall to the Editor and Section Editor. When enabled, you can assign users to those roles and attach them to each submission.

You can either enroll your “special editor” to all 3 roles, with those roles enabled, or you can disable the roles and enroll your “special editor” as a section editor.

The copyediting steps are entirely voluntary; use them as much as you want, and leave the parts you don’t need. The workflow will not be affected.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team