All co-authors e-mail notifications upon submission, OJS

Is it possible to send the “Notification of Author Submission” e-mail to ALL the co-authors of a new submission? I’m using OJS

Right now only the main author receives this e-mail (and the journal e-mail receives a copy of it). We’d like that the co-authors to be aware of their submission too, many other systems already do this.

On Settings → Workflow → Submission → Notification of Author Submission we didn’t find this option.

Hi @Natascha,

I don’t think there is a way to do this without custom coding. You could file this as a feature request on Github for OJS 3.x, as we are no longer actively developing OJS 2.x. There is a related issue for sending a notification to all authors upon publication of an article: Enable editors to send custom email to all authors of a submission · Issue #3472 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

For now you could modify the Submission Ack email template so it indicates that only the submitting author is receiving confirmation and they can forward it to other authors if they wish.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team