After upgrading from 3.1.1-4 to 3.2.0-3, side blocks not displayed


Recently upgraded from 3.1.1-4 to 3.2.0-3. First testing cycle done, before moving to live. Found the following issue:

Custom blocks in right column were not inherited in 3.2.0-3. We had an image, a text for ISSN, and Keyword Cloud Block plugin. We can solve this by re-creating the blocks. In the plugins section both the image block and the ISSN block are present and enabled, but are not displayed in sidecol. However, Keyword Cloud Block appears uninstalled in our 3.2.0-3 version after upgrading.

Any idea what went wrong and how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi @jascanio,

OJS 3.2.0-3 had a number of changes to the settings pages. In addition to checking that they exist in the custom block plugin area, you’ll need to go to Settings >Website> Setup. Enable the blocks you want to appear.


You may just need to re-enable the keyword cloud block from the plugin gallery and repeat the above steps to have it appear on your side block.

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @pmangahis,
Thanks for your reply.

We finally upgraded to 3.2.1-1.
Got the same issue, but will be quite straightforward to solve.

Kind regards,

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