After upgrading from to OJS Loading Problem

Hi everybody,

I upgraded my journal. everything looked good after upgrade. It didn’t get an error message. But as in the picture, it says loading on the management panel and doesn’t perform any operations.


I also have same problem as you can see here with detail errors, any solution?

I examined the web page and links I realized the problem is about $$$call$$$

A sample of the link is like this:$$$call$$$/tab/settings/journal-settings-tab/show-tab?tab=sections

I solved the problem. I tried a different web browser and the page worked. Chrome sometimes can cause problems. I tried the other browsers and deleted chrome’s cache memory and the problem is solved for all browsers.

Hi @ikram

Sometimes new versions contain changes in JS code that handle requests in the dashboard, and old javascript should be cleared from the browser’s cache to make it work.

This will hopefully be fixed in 3.2, see Add timestamp to CSS and JS files for when they are built · Issue #3340 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub