After updating to OJS I can no longer publish issues

I wanted to publish a new issue of our magazine today. Unfortunately this was not possible, because it did not want to end at the saving process. I received the following PHP log error message.

[07-Apr-2020 09:55:30 Europe/Berlin] ojs2: Unrecognized DAO PublishedArticleDAO!
[07-Apr-2020 09:56:05 Europe/Berlin] ojs2: Unrecognized DAO PublishedArticleDAO!

The error occurred for the first time after updating to OJS

I am glad about your help!


see Call to a member function saveXml() - #8 by asmecher
disable the ORCID plugin while publishing.


Thanks a lot for your help!

Thats very brilliant. I had the same issue since yesterday and I taught it was my fault. Just then I notices I was using ojs 3.2 as against 3.1 i was conversant with (I installed directly from softaculous on cpanel).

so the future issue refused to publish, I went to the error logs in cpanel and fetched the problem. I googled it and this page came up.

I disabled the plugin and it worked like magic.
love this forum!

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Yes, it is brilliant. It works in my case too. Thank you so much.