After server migration blank pages (Error 500)

  • Application Version: OCS

Hi, I’ve already tried almost everything, so I’m asking here hoping to get some help.
I had an OCS website hosted on a server with other websites. I needed to migrate all the websites from that server to a new one, and I did it. I managed to get everything to work now, configuring database information and file permissions. The old server used PHP 5.6, the new one uses PHP 7.2, so I configured the server to use PHP 5.6 on the subdomain of the OCS, otherwise it would not work.

Everything seemed to be working. I have access to the homepage of the website, I can login and see administration options and system info, but when I click at some conferences, I get a blank screen. When I try to make a new submission, I get a blank screen also.

I’ve already tried:

  • See the error log trying to find any error related to this site, but there is nothing;
  • Put “ini_set(‘display_errors’, E_ALL);” on the top of my index.php, but I still get the same blank screen, without any errors;
  • Modify the line 27 from “lib/pkp/includes/”. But my file does not have the lines mentioned on the troubleshooting page (Troubleshooting);
  • Add the “echo “Importing " . $class . " \n”;” line on the functions file. It stops at the Paymethod plugin, but running “php -l” on the file returns no error;
  • Checked files and folders permissions and owning. The ownership is already my web user. I’ve tried even 777 permissions;
  • Tried other versions of PHP;

I’m lost. Hope somebody can help me. I would be very very gratefull.

Hi @Lucas_Cabral,

Is the PHP CURL module installed/enabled? The PayPal code requires this. I believe it should cause an error in the PHP error log, but aside from that, it seems the likeliest culprit.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

Yes, it seems to be enabled.
That’s in my phpinfo():

cURL support: enabled
cURL Information: 7.29.0

Thanks for the response!