After Restore from Backup, Submissions Missing

I used my backup to restore my site. The install backup was placed in the proper html folder for the site to use and unpacked; the files were placed in a folder outside the html area and unpacked; the db was imported into mysql using the mysql source file command; the file was confirmed to have all the correct db and file storage information. All unpacked/imported well and when I went to the site it was back up and running. The current journal issue and all site pages were completely present. All my users seem to be working fine. However, my Submissions are empty in OJS. Before backup I had 9 articles in the Submission process. docx files for each submission (review, copyedit, production) are all stored in the files folder outside html, so some history seems to exist. What could be missing and is there a way to repopulate those without doing it manually (and, by extension, losing all the review, copyedit, and production threads/etc. for this upcoming issue)?

Some updates…in poking around, I went under Tasks and I can bring up the Submission through the Task menu with all Submission/Review/CopyEdit/Production thread and history…although if I try to update the Galley with a new file, I get an HTTP error. But otherwise, the history seems to be ‘somewhere’ ? I cannot submit manually since the Submissions page does not have a New Submission button. If I Schedule for Publication, then the file shows up appropriately in the Future Issue. So, I guess two questions…

Is there some reason why the Submissions link would be empty but all the submission information be saved elsewhere that the Tasks menu can access? If so, is there a way to move from the latter into the former? And is there a way to rebuild just the Submissions page without rebuilding the whole site?

Hi @russlhuizing,

Check your PHP error log for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team