After mark Solution for Ojs2 Not found still its come

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ojs2: 404 not found

Steps I took leading up to the issue
As per mark i am modifying my footer but still 3 error in console and PHP give error
Screenshot ttached

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For example, OJS 3.3.0-10

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Hi @acspublisher,

Those warnings are cosmetic. They point out that the mapping file for minified JS wasn’t found. Basically, it’s not needed for the user but weights additional KBs of data sent from the server to your browser.

Thanks for your reply!! Any solution or help will be really appreciated to get rid of this problem
Really need to find the solution so ojs2-404 not found will not throw by PHP server.

May be not sure but because of this this error will appear in my log screenshot attached

Check the underlying requests that produce this response, it may contain the clue.

Instead of clue if you provide me a solution that more better for us

My guess is that someone spams requests to your site with URLs, which don’t exist. Maybe it’s a bot. As I’ve suggested above, check the server access log for those requests (e.g., compare by timestamp). ojs2: 404 Not Found is just a generic error message that the requested URL wasn’t found.