After editing the editor's affiliation, all contributors appears on monograph (edited volume) landing page OMP3

Dear Team & @Dulip_Withanage
Recently, I updated the affiliation of the editor for an already published edited volume; after that landing page includes all contributors instead of just showing the editors. Relevant information to reproduce are as follows-

  • Software OMP3.2.1.1
  • Unpublish an already published edited volume (It was published in earlier version before upgrading to
  • Edit affiliation of the editors (earlier it was blank and hence I updated their affiliations and selected as volume editor)
  • Publish monograph again (I already checked the setting on the top to select as edited volume)
  • Landing pages start showing all contributors (chapter authors); it seems after editing the system can not associate with the volume editors for the submission.
    Those editors appear under the contributor list but without marking as editor (ed).


Hi @aabahishti,

Thanks for the report and We will look into this and come back to you.

Best wishes,

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