Advertising in OSJ journals

We received a request to place a classified ad at our journal website. Could somebody advise on the suitablity of such ad and about the file size and format and potential rates for the ads. Any other information is appreciated.


You can use custom block manager and embed any code or file you like
To enable create custom block plugin and add blocks go to:
Home > User > Journal Management > Plugin Management >Generic Plugins

To edit block code
Home >User >Journal Management >Plugin Management >Block Plugins

To place block go to Journal setup step 5.6.

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@knjigor’s comment is on-target for an ad snippet.

See also the the OpenAds plugin, if you want to support a local adserver:

Thank you very much for your additional suggestions.

Thank you so much for your useful suggestions.

Hello…i have a problem with custome block. I Made all The steps you listed but block does not appear.

I m trying to insert block in The left Sidebar and there are any other block.
Can you help me?

Can you please provide little more information about steps you have done? If block isn’t showing in setup step 5.6 that means that it isn’t created.

Hi, please can you said how do this in the new version… Thanks in advance