Advanced OJS customization

I would like to customizing or find useful information oh how to do it!
I have my computer plenty of PDF with the same information in or, but I some of them aren´t working.

There is dummy manual or something to create diferente footers, header, right/left barr o anything around???

Thanks in advance…

Hi @anedesquerra,

Depending on the changes that you need, I would recommend first using a custom journal stylesheet and the available customization plugins available in OJS before making modifications to the source code.

The journal stylesheet can be used to modify the display of the header and footer. Please see Journal Management => Setup => The Look.

The following plugins allow you to make changes to the user interface text and sidebar blocks:

  • Custom Locale Plugin
  • Custom Block Manager
  • Rounded Corners

You can also add custom pages via the Static Pages Plugin.


Hi @anedesquerra,

What’s not working? The PDF files or the custom work you want to do?

If you want to implement something for the side bars, you can try the custom block manager plugin. With that you can create a custom block plugin directly in the user interface, and place it anywhere on the left or right side bars.

The footer and header are trickier, you will have to edit the core files. If you’re willing to do that in OJS 2.x and if you have some skills with smarty templates and OJS plugins system, I will recommend you this plugin: I allows you to add/replace markup to any template file. The plugin doesn’t have a documentation, but if you’re a PHP developer you’ll understand how to use it reading the code.

Let me know if you have any doubt.


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Hi Bruno!!
Thanks for your quick response!

Unfortunatelly I´ve never deal with PHP in my entirely life, and the use of OJS is a straight directive from my boss at the University, I have spend the last week changing a CSS document, but the results aren´t great at all. I have follow indications from all PDF I have downloaded from PKP and other sites, but I have achieved a little tiny progress on customization my 7 magazines, and the presentation site. Beside I have experimented issues at installation because my Journal system is hosted externally.

Hi Michael!
When I try to activate plugings I get a 500 error, It is the same when I first tried to install OJS?
I can´t see what it is wrong with my remote installation.


Hi Bruno!!!
I have noted something is going wrong with my installation!
I have a local installation of the same version and everything works on it, but it is not the same with my remote installation!!!

What I can do to fix all errors in the remote one?
Can you help me please?



It’s easier to fix the problems if you have the php error log to tell us what’s happening. Also, you can describe what’s going on, so we can try to help.