Administration Menu on left menu bar throws 404 error! OJS 3.1

Dear all,
When I click the “Administration” Menu of the left menu bar of editorial view, it throws 404 error. There is no significant error in php log.
However, when i click the “administration” sub-menu from the top right menu, it works. I have attached the pictures below to make the things clear.

I can live with this problem, but thought I should report it here.

admin left

admin error

top admin

admin success


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Hi, i think files are not copied properly. Can you re upload all the files? And did you upload the public directory from your old ojs?

Hi @varshilmehta,

To the best of my knowledge, I have copied all files from new ojs3.1 package, my file folder, public folder and a few plugins like jatsParser and jatsManuscript.

If there is no problem on your end, it should be some file issues on my side. I will look into it.

Note: The address in the address bar for those two clicks are different. With the one throwing error, the address bar shows but the working one shows
Does this difference has any implications?


The path to this page has changed from OJS 3.0.2. Now admin page is site-wide.

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That means my journal site admin is working but the overall site admin is not working. (I have only one journal installed). Any idea on why the site admin throw “page not found” error?


We also have only one journal installed. Think files weren’t updated properly.

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Check these files:

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