Admin homepage stylesheet is over riding hosted publication's stylesheets

When I load a stylesheet for the Admin’s home page that lists each publication we are hosting using the Site Management > Site Setup > Appearance > Set up > Set style sheet upload, the CSS added here over rules all of the hosted publications stylesheets. I can see in the source code for the publications that it is loading this stylesheet AFTER the bootstrap 3 theme that is chosen and its child theme.

We are using OJS

In this screenshot you can see the bootstrap theme and child theme stylesheets loaded:

Here you can see after I add a stylesheet to the admin theme it is loading it AFTER the publication’s stylesheet (the difference can really only be seen by the file path to the stylesheet)

I can’t give links to it live because I don’t want our publication’s CSS to be messed up, but the site is

What I would have expected to happen is for the this stylesheet added to the Admin homepage to only apply to the admin homepage not the publications.

@NateWr - thanks!

Thanks @ckarpinski. I think this is a bug. At least, it does not match how I would expect that stylesheet to behave. I would expect it to only load on the site-wide index page. Not on every journal.

I’m worried that some of our community may use it this way, though. For example if they put a publisher logo into the page footer on every journal, they may use the stylesheet this way to apply styles to that logo.

Nevertheless, I’ve filed it as a bug here: Site-wide stylesheet loads for every journal · Issue #5973 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. I’ve asked around to see if anyone is using it this way. If not, then we can safely fix this and move on.