Admin but not admin

Hi, this is a first time that I’m writing here, I need help about that:
in OJS3 , I’ve an administrator’s account , but at certain point, the system say to me “you don’t have permission to do that” or similar…“whit this current role , you don’t have access to this operation”"
I’d check from this query and my ID was showed in the results
SELECT user_group_id FROM user_groups WHERE context_id=0 AND role_id=1

What I can do to fix this problem?Thanks

Hi @EnjoyAdmin,

As a first step, you may want to have a look through some of the existing posts where users report this error:’t%20have%20access%20to%20this%20operation

particularly where a solution is indicated and the scenario seems similar to yours:’t%20have%20access%20to%20this%20operation%20status%3Asolved

PKP Team

Thankssssss.It works!!!

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