Addthis Plugin not Working as per expectation

Hi. We are using OJS (PHP version 8.2.18). We have installed the Addthis plugin. However, the social media icons are not appearing on the sidebar.
Also, when we click on the settings button of the plugin, a pop-up window opens with two tabs - 1. Settings, 2. Statistics. However, the Settings tab is completely empty. Is it normal?

Any suggestion on how to make this work?

Hello @asifcsedu !

AddThis plugin is no longer working. There are options to replace it and get the same funcionality

Thanks @hilongo . You said there are options to replace it. Can you suggest some options?

Hi there @asifcsedu

We use the Shariff plugin, that is available in 3.3+ plugin galleries

Thanks @hilongo . I have installed Sharrif and have configured it to show specific Social Media icons. I have placed it on the sidebar in horizontal orientation. Problem is, the logo icons are not displayed, though the functionalities are ok. Can you suggest what I might be missing here?

@asifcsedu … I’m not sure what could be the cause of that.

if you use the sidebar position please make sure you also enabled the Shariff block plugin under “Appearance → Settings → Sidebar”.

Maybe @ronste1 can help here.


the block plugin is enabled, otherwise the buttons wouldn’t show at all.

From the screenshot it looks like a font or css issue. You seem to use the manuscript theme with additional journal css. Do you modify shariff css classes?

Could you provide a link to the actual web page?

HI @ronste1 .

Yes, you are right, I am using additional journal css for justifying the abstracts and resolving a known issue of Wordpress regarding showring image icons. The css is as follows:

obj_article_details .abstract,
.obj_article_details .item > :last-child {
text-align: justify;

.sharethis-inline-follow-buttons img{
opacity: 1 !important;

Address of the live site is:


Hi @asifcsedu ,

it is a compatibility issue with additional css that is loaded for your installation. Its summarized in the screeshot:

From the file style.css (your universities default css as I see it) a class definition is loaded for “li a span”. If I disable the float and margin statements the buttons show as expected.

You should be able to overwrite this class definition by adding something like:

.fab fa-facebook-f {
  float: none;
  margin: 0px;

to your journal stylesheet.

Best wishes from Berlin

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Dear @ronste1 .

Thanks a lot. Actually, one of the css that I included for the footer was responsible for the issue. Your proposed solution helped me identify it. I have changed the css.

It is working perfectly now.

Thanks a lot.

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