Additional Refinements (Keywords and others) are not saved in Submission and Publication Metadata Ojs 3.1.0-1

Hello for all!
I’m having problems with OJS 3.1.0-1, we detected that the keywords were not shown, and were not saved. But when investigating more, we find that the entire Additional Refinements block in Submission and Publication Metadata does not save the entered data. When saving, it returns to show the same form, but without the data, but the message appears that the changes have been saved.
We saw that this block is handled with tag-it, which I think this may be the inconvenience, or not, but from what I see, it is the only block that presents that error.
The problem we have is that the keywords are not seen, but they are not exported either, that is, the system does not find them in the database.
When doing searches, putting a keyword that we know exists, returns the results perfectly, that is to say that the search engine is looking for where it belongs.
The original installation was an OJS 2.4.8, then we started to update it, starting with version 3.0.0 until we get to version 3.1.0-1 today.
Before reaching the current version, the keywords were exported, but today they do not even appear in exports.
I did tests with the default theme, but I still have the same problem.
I’ve seen the topic: Display of keywords in OJS - #7 by ajnyga
where it is said that the system is reading the wrong table, and that it should get the data of “controlled_vocab_entry_settings”, but I can not modify the directives to get to make the change.
Our server has the following software versions:

Linux OS Platform
PHP version 5.6.32-1 ~ dotdeb + 7.1
Apache version Apache / 2.2.22 (Debian)
Driver of the mysql database
Database server version 5.5.58-0 + deb7u1-log

Sorry for the automatic translation, I speak Spanish and I’m using google translate.

Thank you very much in advance, greetings!


Hi @gusparente

Hmmm… That sound a little bit strange…
There were several issues with keywords migration from 2.4.8, with keywords saving and displaying but all those issues should be fixed for 3.1.0-1.
Recently there was an issue with the required tagit fields validations and with the discipline field, s. required tagit metadata fields not validated · Issue #3157 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and Disciplin element should be discipline · Issue #3357 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.
And even more strange is that you say that all those fields cannot be saved :open_mouth: What fields are you using?
Could you check how are the keywords saved i.e. what is the setting_name in the DB table controlled_vocab_entry_settings? Is it submissionKeyword?

:thinking: Bozana

Hi @bozana, thanks for your response.
I just applied the changes to the two issues that you sent me, since the files to which both issues refer, were not with the required changes.
In the same way, these two changes have not managed to repair the problem, which continues to persist.
None of the Additionals Refinements fields are being saved. The keywords I have come from version 2.4.8, and they are effectively in the table controlled_vocab_entry_settings and the setting_name is effectively submissionKeyword, but for something that I can not detect, the system is not able to perform query transactions or save in that table.
What else do you think I can do to test ?, or tell me that another piece of information I can use to analyze?
Thanks for all, greetings!


Hi @gusparente

Regarding the metadata save: are you sure you do not any form error message – they are maybe not visible well, behind the metadata modal on the parent page? This change would display the form errors properly in the right upper corner: pkp/pkp-lib#2571 fix submisison metadata form re-display · pkp/pkp-lib@a70b4db · GitHub.

And regarding the display of the keywords on the article page: Do you have these code lines:


If so, do you still do not see any keywords on an article page that has keywords in the DB, looking that article in the locale those keywords are saved for?

Hmmm… :thinking:

Hello @bozana!
when I save the changes, it does not generate errors, on the contrary, it says “Submission metadata saved”, I send you printscreen attached.
Regarding the display of the keywords on the article page, I already have those same codes in the corresponding files.
It’s weird, because the keywords do not appear when you make exports of the articles, it’s as if they were not in the system, but when you search, they appear, but only those that were previously loaded, since the new ones are not load.
They are not seen in any language of which they are configured. It is as if the conditional of the function that shows them, does not find anything, because it seems that it is not looking in the table where the keywords are stored.
For more information, our OJS is multi Journal, we have 18 journals hosted, the address is
My colleagues told me that before making the last update to version 3.1.0-1, although the keywords were not visible on the site, they did appear in the exports of the articles.
We keep in touch, thank you very much! regards


Hi @gusparente

Hmmm… strange…
Hmmm… ok… I do not know what could be wrong… maybe something with the DB tables…

Maybe just a few more information, for any case:
This is the code for the keywords (and some other metadata) export:

Concerning the display: do you maybe use your own/different theme? – it does not look like the OJS 3 default theme…

First the keywords were migrated from OJS 2.4.x to a wrong field and then it was fixed here: subject and subjectClass migration · Issue #2501 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. This does not seem to be your problem, but…


Hello @bozana!
The codes that you sent me are correct in our installation, both the export filter and the upgrade script.
Regarding the theme, yes, it is a theme of its own, but I always test that everything fucnione perfectly in the theme by default, but still everything without walking.
We have updated the database from version 2.4.8 to 3.0.0, then this 3.0.0 update to 3.0.1, then to 3.0.2, continuing with the 3.1.0 ending with the current , which is 3.1.0-1. That is, we were always with the latest version, but we came carrying the database version 2.4.8 transformed to new.
The truth is that as soon as we passed from version 2 to 3, we have had problems with the keywords.
The strange thing is that the keywords are in the database, but the system does not access them.
Thanks for the attention, if we can, I would like to continue investigating.