Adding/removing Section Editor Role on Multijournal sites (OJS 3)

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We just spent about 30 minutes or so removing the Section Editor role from 44 users for one of our journals because they can’t do it themselves.

Because we’re are running a multijournal site, they are not allowed to edit user profiles that is registered in other journals, having we as Site Administrators the only ones capable of doing it.

We believe the journal should have full control for adding and removing roles of their users, otherwise we would be concentrating a lot of efforts on us. Every now and then we receive requests such as this.

Is this being considered in future versions? Back in OJS 2 adding and removing roles was not affected by the fact of a user being registered in multiple journals.

Or perhaps there is a way that journals themselves can do it and we are not aware of?


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I very much second that!

Hi all,

Are you sure that Section Editors were able to unenroll themselves in OJS 2.x? I don’t think our policy has ever been different on that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

I may have not been clear in my original post, I apologize if that’s the case.

Indeed Section Editors couldn’t unenroll themselves in OJS 2.x, we are fine with that.

The issue relies on Journal Manager not being able to enroll/unenroll Section Editors.

Say a new Section Editor is included in a given journal’s Editorial Board and said user is already registered as an author or as a reviewer in the same journal. In that case, the Journal Manager cannot edit their account to enroll the Section Editor role. They are currently emailing us and asking us to do it for them.