Adding page numbers in the issue page

After updating to OJS 3.0.2 some of our back issue articles are displayed in the issue page with page-numbers and some without. I know that in OJS 2 it was quite easy to enter page numbers in the metadata of each article in the back issue, but I do not find any possibility to adapt this in version 3.0.2. Any idea how to enter those page numbers in back issues?

This is hidden in the “Schedule for Publication” button.

Login → Issues → Back Issues → (Select Issue) - > (Select Submission) → Production → Send to Publication.

This is not really what I meant. To be more precise the problem is with adding not only page numbers to the article page, but also keywords. Instead bibliographical notes are displayed for whatever reason. As well, the keywords displayed on the right side are not correct. Where does this information come from and how can this be corrected?

Please see picture (Author information is blinded as the article is not published yet → Preview in Future Issue)

Keywords are found in the Submission’s Metadata tab.

The “How to cite” section is controlled by which citation formats are enabled:

Though, I’m not confident that the supplied citation format plugins can be disabled in 3.0.2.

If you upgraded from OJS2 the the keywords you see there are the one you added in OJS2. They were stored differently. In OJS3, when you save keywords/subject the words do not display yet. See Display of keywords in OJS

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