Adding information under article: OJS 3.1.1

I want to add the information (pages, published date) under the article, like see the image:

How can I add?

Thank you in advance,

The template used to show those details is here:

The pages should show already if you have defined them in the article metadata. You do this when you choose “Schedule for publication” in the Production stage.

The default template shows the published date if the $showDatePublished variable is true. This is the case in the article search results that use that same template. If you want to show them in the table of contents, you could try editing this line to {include file="frontend/objects/article_summary.tpl" showDatePublished=true}

Of cours the best place to store those modified template files is inside a custom theme plugin, because otherwise they are overwritten when you upgrade OJS

Hi ajnyga,
Thank you for your reply. I modified the template and published date appear. Ads%C4%B1z
However, I would like to add not only the published date but also pages and abstract, like the image above.
For example;
Article: dddddddddd
published online: june, 26, 2018 page 1-19
abstract -PDF or Full-text PDF


The page numbers should be there if you have defined them in the article metadata. Unless you have modified the templates somehow.

The template that shows a single article in the table of contents is here:

It just a matter of editing that template.

The pages show here, if they exist:

You could just add a Abstract link there in the template and link it the same way the article title is linked now:

The full text link is basically already there:
You can of course change the way the layout of the galley link looks like.

Thank you again. How can I make this changes?

Can you suggest me the modifications?