Adding DOI link in Abstract ingest

I am loading a bunch of Abstracts where the full text is already published and I would like to link the record to the Full text using the DOI link. Is there a way to add this (I use Quick Submit) or should I embed the link (HREF) in the Abstract so users can link to it from there?

Hi @Nazimm,

you might want to try using a ‘Remote URL’ as a galley for each of these articles (and use the DOI resolver link). This should be available for OJS versions > 2.4.0.

Thanks for this… That would not be possible with the Quick Submit then?

Maybe Quick Submit isn’t the way to go here. I don’t know how many articles we talk about and if it is something you plan to do only once for a whole group of articles. Maybe the Articles & Issues XML plugin (in the Import/Export plugin category) is something that would work for you. You’d have to prepare the xml file for the import but could then easily import all articles. The plugin should support remote galleys:

<galley locale="en_US">
		<remote src="" />

The DTD ( shows the XML structure:

    <!ATTLIST remote
        src CDATA #REQUIRED>

It is for Abstracts in PDF format where the Full Text is published by another publisher so want to link to it. I am wondering if the easiest would not simply be to put the DOI as a HREF link at the end of the abstract so it is nice and obvious where users need to click for the full text…

I have a few ideas along the lines of what you state… Will need a coffee to let them whole thing brew:)