Adding Crossmark - dublin core metadata?

In the guide to add a cross mark The following tag should be added :

<meta name="dc.identifier" content="doi:10.58803/JVPP.2023.2.1.01"/>

But it is added like this in the Dublin Core plugin

<meta name="DC.Identifier" content="15"/>

and has another tag as

<meta name="DC.Identifier.DOI" content="10.58803/JVPP.2023.2.1.01"/>

My question is that according to the manual of the Crossref site, dc.identifier should be equal to doi, But it is not like this in the output of the plugin

Is the crossref manual old and the method changed?


Hello @zerof,

Can you please indicate which version of OJS you’re using (e.g. 3.3.0-14)?

PKP Team

yes our version is



Please tell me the solution


Hi @zerof,

Sorry, but I do not know this. You’ll have to wait until another one of our team members or community members has an opportunity to respond.

PKP Team