Adding a New Utility Page to My Site


I am trying to add an Article Archive page to my website.
There is an existing Issue Archive page and I’m studying its file (issueArchive.tpl), but I cannot decrypt how the URL pathing works:
<a href="{url router=$smarty.const.ROUTE_PAGE page="issue" op="archive"}">

I suspect that "issue" and "archive" are just key names but even then, where do I find this list of definitions to edit?

Any help would be appreciated.

Page URLs in OJS take the form of: /index.php/context/page/op/ . For example, if OJS is installed at http://myhost.tld/ with restful URLs to hide the index.php, and if you have a journal with a path / shortname of “myJournal”, the “archive” operation for the “issue” page is:

This is processed by:

courtesy of:

If you want to add a new operation to an existing handler, it would be a modification of one of the handler classes in /pages/. If you want to add a new dynamic page handler, it would be a new directory, index.php, and handler class under /pages/. If you just want a static page, see the “Static Pages” generic plugin.

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