Add user already registered - OJS 3

Hi, How do I as a Journal Manager add a user who is already registered at the site to my journal? In OJS 2.x I have no problems but in OJS.3.x I can’t figure out how to do it
Niels Erik

Please go to user Profile and to Roles tab. You will see option to register with other journal as on image below

You can choose journal if there are many and choose role. Is this what you asked for?

Sorry, but obviously I don’t have that option when I login as journal manager (jm). Do you have that option when you login as jm?
But I’ve found out that I’m able to add a registered user by using the search function.

Which version of OJS you use? There are differences between versions in 3.x branch.
Please make sure that in Users & Roles / Site Access Options it is enabled : Visitors can register a user account with the journal.

Do you mean this: OJS3 editing user roles in multi-journal installations

If I login as some user I have option in Roles to register myself to other journal and I am providedd with choice to register as reader, athor, reviewer. However, if someone wants to be journal editor, journal manager or so that person should probably be under some contract and that will require intervention of journal manager.

Hi ajnyga
I wasn’t aware of that but thank you very much for letting me know. I really hope that they will come up with a better solution.
Niels Erik