Add unauthenticated ORCID ids


We use OJS 3.1.2-1.


I use orcid Profile-v1.1.1-2.
I cant Add unauthenticated ORCID ids .See highlight SECTION. I want add unauthenticated ORCID ids by editor in metedata. Authors submit article in website and then we want add all author orcid id by editor.


Hi @Adminojs,

There are few reasons, why we did not include unauthenticated orcid is in OJS3.

  • Orcid ids are only used in combination with real oricid profiles and the authentication a basic requirement from Orcid to validate
  • manually entered ids can not be trusted and in most use cases.

Therefore we have decided, not to support orcid ids for unauthenticated users for orcid up from OJS 3.

Please have a look into this ticket, if you are interested more on this.

But if your requirement is only testing, provides you a sandbox for you to test, with the same functionality and if you have questions there, please be free to ask me.