Add Superscript to Journal Title?

Hi guys,

One of our partners who we’re setting up a journal for is asking us if we can add superscript in to the title of their journal and we can’t figure it out. Anyone have ideas on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @themacman,

I don’t think you’ll want to embed the superscript directly in your journal title setup field – this field is used not just to present the front-end, but also to describe the journal to multiple third-party services via OAI, XML import/export, etc., and in many of those cases a superscript will garble the data.

I’d suggest using theming to just present the superscript on the front end. How you do this will depend on where and how you want it presented – you’ll probably want to do some CSS work, but also you’ll likely have to override some templates that currently just pull the journal title from setup. There’s some documentation on child themes in OJS over here: OJS 3: Need help with theme customization - #2 by NateWr

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Note that there are some “superscript” characters within Unicode, such as ordinals for mathematic or scientific use. If your journal title reflects this usage (such as “squared²”), using these characters would be appropriate.

See also:


Just to illustrate how Unicode can be used for subscripts/superscripts in titles:

“Test: x ∈ (-∞, ∞), pp̅ → μ⁺μ⁻, αωε§øm∈, ²H ⁶Li ¹⁰B ¹⁴N, ℒ ℋ ℝ ℂ.”


You can use to compose the Unicode typesetting.

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