Add new fields in Register Page

I am using OJS3.3.0.15,
I want to add more fields into the Register/Registration page, i shall be able to do that but how shall i add columns in tables of those fields to store its values in the Database? Or there is some other procedures to do that?

HI @Ayush_Mandal,

This is discussed in some other posts, here: [OJS 3.0.0] Customizing User Registration Form - #3 by sanjh

and here: Custom fields in Registration Form - #2 by henriquejsfj

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Since I will be filling in new Fields in registration form, it will be storing its data into Database, if that’s True, how shall i manipulate it by creating new columns into the tables in Database?

Hi @Ayush_Mandal,

I see that you posted this same comment on this post here: [OJS 3.0.0] Customizing User Registration Form - #4 by asmecher

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I’m not sure about the database fields, but I’ll see if another one of our team members can comment when they are available.

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