Add navigation menu omp 3.3

Hi all
In OMP 3.3 it’s possible to add new navigation menus. But how to add it somewhere in the frontend? I mean how do I create new navigation areas for it? I didn’t found any useful information in the forum or documentation.

Thanks for help.

Hi @trace

I suggest you look at how the default templates do menus in OMP. You can look at e.g. lib/pkp/templates/frontend/components/header.tpl

{capture assign="primaryMenu"}
    {load_menu name="primary" id="navigationPrimary" ulClass="pkp_navigation_primary"}

which defines how to load a menu from a theme. Then in the class itself, menu areas are defined using something like:

// Add navigation menu areas for this theme
$this->addMenuArea(array('primary', 'user'));

So I’d suggest creating a child theme that defines additional menu areas, and then override templates to add new locations.


Thanks Jason, I’ll try that.