Add more fields in search

I have an OJS with version 2.3.7 and I have only a “first name” in this URL /manager/people/all
I only watch “First name” how can I show “Last Name” and “email” and other fields
I attached an image.
I review the next files:

Do you know if I need to change or add anything ??

And I found this

{html_options_translate options=$fieldOptions selected=$searchField} {translate key="form.contains"} {translate key=""} {translate key="form.startsWith"}



 <select name="searchField" size="1" class="selectMenu">
                        {html_options_translate options=$fieldOptions selected=$searchField}
                <select name="searchMatch" size="1" class="selectMenu">
                        <option value="contains"{if $searchMatch == 'contains'} selected="selected"{/if}>{translate key="form.contains"}</option>
                        <option value="is"{if $searchMatch == 'is'} selected="selected"{/if}>{translate key=""}</option>
                        <option value="startsWith"{if $searchMatch == 'startsWith'} selected="selected"{/if}>{translate key="form.startsWith"}</option>

Sorry, I found this file:

I resolved my question.