Add links PDF & HTML galley view links to Latest Articles on the homepage

I would like to add links to PDF & Full view galleys for the Latest Articles featured on the homepage. I did a lot of changes to my installation, but this one has got me at a loss… all suggestions will be deeply appreciated!

OJS 3.0

Thank you!

There is a theme with that functionality, you can follow it on this project

Look this file with the functionality:

And this one printing that functionality.

Good luck, the author is @Vitaliy


I saw the oldGregg theme a while ago, that seems a bit above my comprehension…
What I did is made a template at templates/frontent/objects/article_summary.tpl and managed to get information about current volume, issue and category.
This is the same file that is used for presenting the archives, and in turn includes frontend/objects/galley_link.tpl

In archives it shows the galley links, but on the homepage it doesn’t display them, because on the homepage I don’t have access to $galley context. Kinda’ ran out of ideas about this…

Thank you!