Add heading announcements for Health Sciences Theme

I want to add heading of Announcements for Health Sciences Theme. How can I do?

I also have the following problem after modifications. How can I solve?

Thank you in advance


Hi @Gokmen_ARSLAN,

Current master branch includes displaying announcements on the journal index page: GitHub - pkp/healthSciences: An official theme for OJS 3.1.1+ designed for health science journals or any journal that wants a clean, modern appearance.. It will be shipped with a new release.

With CSS it’s possible to apply:

word-wrap: break-word


word-wrap: break-all

e.g., for links a: CSS word-break property
But originally in Health Sciences was used another approach:

overflow-x: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

In this case part of the URL that doesn’t suit the parent’s width will be substituted with ellipsis. It should be applied to the parent, e.g. p element.