Add Glyphicons in navigation menu in ojs 3.1

In our recent work in ojs 3.0.2 with bootstrap3 theme, I have successfully added the glyphicon in the navigation menu as follow by modifying primaryNavMenu.tpl file.
Capture 1
However, when installing ojs 3.1. With bootstrap3 v1.1., the primaryNavMenu.tpl did not exist anymore. Is it possible to add the glyphicons in navigation menu in ojs 3.1.? Which file that I have to modify?
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Same question

Dear @Tarmizi, @kawahyu,

I think there is a new template file for Navigation menu found at


Can you try that?

The menus consist of About, Current, Announcement and Archive. How do we add glyphicons for added menus? Ojs 3.1 has allowed us to add the nav menus

you can add them in the /public_html/templates/frontend/components/primaryNavMenu.tpl. You can learn from here: Bootstrap Glyphicon Components

Would you mind to share one of your codes as example?

In /public_html/templates/frontend/components/primaryNavMenu.tpl, there are only About, Current, Announcement and Archive. Meanwhile, the nav menus have been added and re-arranged like below


Where to add the glyphicons to each new nav menus?
I am using manuscript jats theme

@israel.cefrin @asmecher

I dont think that you can put in the bar.

Any ideas where to put?

That what I am saying, i feel its not possible to put in 3.1

Dr. @varshilmehta can do it in


Hope he could share how to make it

Hi, I am using the same codes from 3.0.2. However, because of that the custom navigation (of OJS 3.1) doesn’t work.

how to edit primaryNavMenu.tpl file and add use glyphicons in nav menu, if any sample code gives me to helpful

I add icon;

  1. I add "

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-3AB7yXWz4OeoZcPbieVW64vVXEwADiYyAEhwilzWsLw+9FgqpyjjStpPnpBO8o8S" crossorigin="anonymous">"

code plugins/themes/bootstrap3/templates/frontend/components/header.tpl
2. add " <i class="far fa-question-circle">"

before the title

Hi @Servet_Demir,

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