Add a field in "Submit an Article" (step 1)

Hi everybody, hi @asmecher
Is it possible in the author submission to add a new section with a not mandatory check box?
(We want to allow authors to easily say yes to having their submission added also in a special section list in our company website).

If not, can I add a checkbox under “Submission Requirements” but make it not mandatory?

I founded just few info in the web about that: here one, but is not solved:

Can you please give me at least some tips about that? we are using OJS

Thank you so much in advance,

To add this kind of checkbox, you will also need to add some data backing to record the optional selection. There is a similar suggestion here:

How comfortable are you with making and maintaining PHP code changes?

Hi @ctgraham, thanks for your answer.
I think that I can do that, I’m studying and learning a lot about PHP because I’m working on 4 websites now, even if is not my main job.
I read this: Documentation of the state of “Submission Checkboxes” at time of submission Where can I find “submission_settings”?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @ctgraham, hi everybody. Sorry to come back to this question.

I made a short summary to keep everything clear - at least for me (I also asked to some nice and kind users of this forum some tips, like @ronste1).

My need is:

Frontend authors view:
In the “Submission step 1” add the question that I want + checkbox + text related to the checkbox

  • Modify the template and locale files
    /public_html/lib/pkp/templates/submission/form | filename: step1.tpl
    /public_html/lib/pkp/locale/en_US/ | filename: submission.po
    /public_html/locale/en_US | filename: author.po

Frontend reviewer/admin view:
Show somewhere in the picture here above the result of the new checkbox (here it is showed also the result of the “comments for the editor” box that we have in the “Submission step 1”)

  • To reach this goal, should I made changing in here? public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/grid filename:

Could you please help me?

Many thanks, Paolo