Accounts ID in Google Analytics Plugin


Please kindly guide me on which ID to use in GA Plugin

Main Account ID
Property ID

I am confused. Please help

Hi @a2usmani

I use tracking id under Properties and can get statistics from Google Analytics.

It starts with UA-10XXXX-X

Admin → Property Settings → Tracking id



There is no Tracking ID brother
I can only find property ID. Have a look at screenshot


Dear @a2usmani
In order to use my domains with Google Analytics, I verified their ownership with some methods, added them to GA, and then get that page. You may need to make some search and read. It is not so much complicated.
That page might help as a startup point.
Than, you will get that image.


Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 01.34.32

Hi @a2usmani

If your goal is to view visitor statistics, there is a great ojs plugin for that. It is Matomo (formerly Piwik) plugin and I used it for several years. If you have the authorization to create a subdomain, I can help you with the installation.


I added the tracking code UA-190000278-1 in the OJS plugin. Actually, the main target is to get indexed by google scholar through this plugin.

Hi @a2usmani
Unfortunately, the way of indexing journal contents in Google Scholar is a little bit different.

If you have verified the ownership of Journal’s domain, you may submit the site content by XML URL.

Please activate Google Scholar plugin in Plugin Settings.
Then, you may get OJS sitemap via that method:

The Sitemap xml for OJS 3 will be like;


But generation of that xml function may require some extra php modules.

If you add that sitemap xml URL in Google Search Console, your site may be indexed within hours.