Access problems under OJS 3

Hallo all,
since updating to OJS 3.0.2 our international reviewers have problems to get access to our system. They describe to not be able to see the review sheet as well as the article for download. When loging in “as user” everything seems to be fine. Does somebody have similar experience? Are country-specific problems known under OJS 3.0.2?

Hi @la_vet,

Can you describe how the system behaves when they attempt to use it?

One likely culprit is the session_check_ip option in If this is On, change it to Off. If users are behind a proxy pool, such as a national firewall, then their IP address may appear to change during their session. If session_check_ip is On, OJS will consider the session invalid when this happens.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for this helpful hint! We changed the options and will see if such problems will occur in the future again. As you asked me if I could describe how the system behaves when they attempt to use it, please find here what the user told us:
“The homepage is “broken”, sometimes it requires the username and the password, sometimes it is open without using them. I saw the review sheet but I could not see the article. I saw the sign “article” but I could not download it.”